Friday, July 30, 2010

Well, after a relaxing couple of weeks in the US, full of family, food, sun, swimming, did I mention SUN? and in general being quite lackadaisical, I'm back in Dublin once again. And I won't be leaving Dublin for some time, thanks to our embarrassingly low bank account. And to make me super excited about being broke and back in Dublin, the weather has decided to rain. So that's cool. But I will hopefully be updating more often now that I'm in one place for a while!

Friday, July 2, 2010

I wanted to post another photo of our little patio in all its bloom. What a pleasant place to be!
Horses come and go through my neighborhood nearly as much as people with bicycles. But not a heck of a lot of mini ponies! I didn't want to be obvious about taking this photo, so unfortunately by the time I took it with my crap camera, it was far away. But look how tiny it is!
This is sort of a nothing post, but I forgot to post about the Street Performers World Championships. It happened a couple of weeks ago, and well, we didn't go during the formal festivities, but we did go on Friday and managed to catch a couple of performers. It was ok. But I did have some fantastic felafel! And there were these neato inflatable sculptures. Maybe we'll go properly next year.