Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Greetings once again from sunny Florida!

I am officially sunburned, despite my best efforts to slather myself in 45 spf. I forgot the spot on my lower back that became exposed when I was bending over gardening! Also, even with the sunscreen, my arms are still a little pink today from being outside about 7 hours over two days. So I guess I need to refuel with the spf after an hour or so. But the "farmer's tan" has arrived, I'm afraid!

And I'm still somewhat baffled by certain aspects of the southern US. For example, here's a photo I took of a billboard off of the highway:

Lovely, isn't it?

Here's another sign, placed at a traffic intersection:

It reads, "Get a Taser. Safe Effective. Easy to Use. Police Proven." The "Police Proven" part sort of baffles me, but I wonder how many calls they get from this sales "pitch."

One of my favorite places to visit down here is this gigantic flea market called, "Super Flea." The sign always cracked me up. Here it is:

Inside, you can get your photo taken with snakes and alligators. I didn't care to do that, but I took a shot of the poor snakes:

It's hard to describe what the inside of the super flea is like, and I didn't want to take a lot of photos because it's difficult to get a photo without a person in it. While you might be amused at a photo of the people at the Super Flea (I must admit that most of the people look like they conform to the fat American/redneck/hick stereotype), I wouldn't want to put anyone's photo on the internet without their permission. But there are rows and rows of cell phone and ipod covers, leather belts, T-shirts with transfers of deer and wolves and hunters with slogans like "I didn't work my way up the food chain to become a vegetarian" on them, thousands of tube socks, moving waterfall wall hangings, tools, hats, bandanas, weapons, and SO MUCH MORE. I particularly like this one area of the super flea, which is an asian dollar store where you can get all kinds of really funny do-dads. I took a photo of the entrance:

I guess it's been warm back in Dublin! I miss it. I guess I consider it home after all, since it's where my heart is.

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