Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ripped from the headlines!

Supreme Court confirms golf club's right to exclude women

I find this to be a bummer, but it isn't surprising at all. It was only a few years ago that women were even allowed in bars here. See, most pubs are set up in a manner I don't think I had ever seen in the US: you've got the Bar section, which was traditionally only for men to bro down, and then you've got the Lounge section, which is for men and women. Even though it's been a few years since it became illegal to refuse to serve women in the Bars, still many Bars are predominately male.

A few months ago, Mark and I went to this pub called the Hut in Phibsboro, and we decided to sit at the bar. There was an old dude sitting next to me, ranting about something or other. I didn't really pay him much attention, and then after a drink or two Mark said he wanted to leave. When we got outside, he said to me, "How about that guy next to you, huh? Going on and on about women in bars!" Then I thought back to what the man had been saying. He was talking about how bars used to be so great, but now they are crap because they aren't all men anymore. He was ranting about a pub in Fairview that refused to serve a woman, so she sued them, and ("Can you believe it?") she won! Yes, the whole world is going to hell in a hand basket.

So I guess that dude from the Hut must be feeling pretty smug today.


  1. The thing is Kim would you want to go that golf club? I reckon if they want to hang out there talking about the good old days when women knew their place blah blah just let them! I've some of the people who golf there and seriously; you're not missing anything! Bring on the mountains and the rivers for some real sports:)

  2. Well, I mean, no I wouldn't, but some other lady might! I've never actually played golf, and can't think of a more boring way to spend a day -- that's true!

  3. Does this mean that the American deep south is actually more progressive than Dublin?

  4. Wow. Well, this certainly explains why nearly every time I tell an Irish man that I did not take my husband's last name, they tell me that they don't care, they'll call me by his surname anyway. I've found that rather disconcerting, but this legal ruling is even scarier yet!

  5. You know, I don't even know what I'd say to someone if he told me he'd call me by my (non-existent) married name. I would probably argue with that person until he agreed not to! That is massively annoying. (I should note that I'm lucky in that my in-laws seemed to take it very well when they came to understand that I kept my name.)