Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hey so I figured strike it while the iron's hot, right?

Tonight we went to The Patriot Inn's monthly comedy night, "Inn Jokes." The idea is that it's free in and you don't really know who's going to perform. Tonight was definitely a mixed bag! First, we had a treat with a visit from David O'Doherty. Here's a clip of him from Edinburgh Fringe 2010 (there's one from 2011 too, but I like the 2010 just slightly better):

Next was a comedian who was so god awful I couldn't even bring myself to clap for him when he was finished. He was just...not funny. I won't even mention his name. It was awful. He was followed by a kind of ok guy whose name escapes me. I actually saw him once before at the International nearly three years ago. I guess my comedic pet peeve is when people try to do that "guys are like this; women are like this" act. I find it boring and often not true. Like, you can make those same jokes without the absolutes, you know?

The last comic was good, so hopefully someone will remind me of his name at some stage and I can edit this post. Overall, we had an enjoyable and inexpensive night out, had a few laughs with friends, and had a nice cycle home through the park, which is a little scary at night, but that made it all the more exhilarating!

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