Thursday, July 26, 2012

I generally post about interesting events and places that I go to, but today I'm going to share something else. Today I'm going to reflect on one of the best days of my life: 26 July, 2012. Yes, that's today! I wanted to mark it because, well, I want to remember it.

I woke up at about half past eight, feeling kind of tired (as usual). Made myself the usual one slice of toast and two eggs with a banana and berry smoothie. Took my vitamins, made a blog post, and holy moly was it nice out so I decided to run outside instead of going to the gym. Ran nearly 3.5 miles, returned home, planned to go into the studio to do some work, but the idea sort of pained me on account of the beautiful weather. Now, non-Irish residents cannot comprehend how much we were all coveting the sunshine today. Going indoors felt like a sin. So when I received a text message from a friend to go to the park, I decided to play hooky and go for it.

A long time ago, I decided that having experiences with people is the number one greatest pleasure in life. Sure I could have spent the afternoon creating a great dress, or working on a novel, but I decided that whenever I get a chance, I'm going to spend time building relationships rather than a legacy. There's just more pleasure in it. And let me tell you, you can't beat sitting in the sunshine in the park on a sunny day, eating home grown peas out of the pod, shooting the shit with a good friend. You can't beat it!

That is...until you go to the pub with your in-laws and they are in a lively mood, and you make jokes that they laugh at, and they tell you stories you have never heard before. You look around and think here, this moment, I want to remember this because we're all here, and we're together, drinking and enjoying each other's company. Then they give you and honeydew melon and you cycle home....

Where you eat home made soup and dance in the kitchen to Roger Miller's "Do Wacka Do" and "You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd." When you're done eating, you both watch Louis C.K. do standup on Netflix and laugh your butts off while eating the aforementioned melon.

It really is kind of like Roger Miller says: "You can be happy if you've a mind to."

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  1. i love it! see how you had very simple, ordinary experiences there, and it just so happened your frame of mind was ripe to interpret them in the best way. happiness is simplicity!