Thursday, February 19, 2009

So here's my extremely extremely simplistic summary of politics in Ireland. First of all, the country is headed by this guy, Brian Cowen, who bears a striking resemblance to Boston's mayor, "affectionately" known as Mumbles Menino. Here's Menino:

And here's Menino talking

The Taoiseach (pronounced like "tee-SHOCK"), Cowen, looks like this:

and sounds like this

Cowen is getting SO much flack right now, and I'll be amazed if he doesn't have to step down. From what I can discern, he used to be the finance minister and apparently he kinda messed some serious shit up. Well the other politicians are like DUDE WTF DID YOU DO? And he's like DOH. And they're like NO SRSLY. And he's like UHHH I WAS JUST PROTECTING THE PEOPLE. So now everyone is really P.O.ed because of course no one believes him.

Also the EU is like UM, Ireland, your plan for getting yourself out of your economic K HOLE is not cutting it, therefore you aren't getting funding until you figure your biz out. Ireland's like that dude who thinks he found the character that is both a T and an F on the true and false questions. Like uh..... here's our "plan" for economic growth! mumble mumble mumble...tada! The EU literally said "this is too vague." Like, F. It's sad but entertaining at the same time.


  1. R.I.P. Celtic Tiger, it was nice while it lasted. :(

    If you really want to talk about messed up politics, try Northern Ireland! Completely different world up here. I still can't wrap my head around it.

  2. haha - I have to admit, I am having a hard time understanding the way things work down here, let alone up there! I can't even figure out how to find out what's on television from the listings. They way it's laid out by channel vs. time of day doesn't make ANY SENSE AT ALL to me. So when it comes to economic, political, and social welfare, I'm still totally baffled. And the lack of separation between church and state is so new to me that I find myself frequently ranting to myself.