Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This post is for the cat lovers, and people who are fans of my cat, Gypsy. Here she is hanging out on the window sill, enjoying some sun:

In our last couple of places, she always had things she could scratch her claws on -- a carpet, a sisal mat, heck, even our chaise lounge! But here, there is a whole lot of nuthin'. I bought her this little door mat, hoping she would take to it. I even sort of held her paw over it and scratched it, like, "See? Scraaaatch." But she just walked away and looked at me like, "What's your deal?"

Then several times a day she was scratching at the doorways, as if she were trying to literally climb the walls. I had sort of half heartedly looked in some pet shops for scratching posts, but it wasn't until I saw some punctures in our leather couch that I realized girl really needed to scratch those claws.

So online I went, and found a really good deal on a 60cm tall scratching post with a little mouse dangling from an elastic. The funny thing is that she had NO interest in the mouse, or the scratching post, until I replaced the mouse with a real fur mouse -- the only toy that she has ever actually played with in the 3 years we've had her. All of a sudden she was attacking and scratching that post like nobody's business. Our walls and furniture can breath a sigh of relief. Here's the killer in action:


  1. I'm not technically a cat lover... but I AM a fan of Gypsy!

  2. Aww! She's pretty likable. Though what's amazing about this photo is that up until we moved here, no one has ever seen her do anything but lay around, eat, and occasionally run from one room into another, only to lay down and nap some more. So for her to aggressively attack something (like a normal cat), it's pretty amusing!