Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today was kind of a poop sandwich for the most part, mostly because the day started out with a nice migraine accompanied by vertigo, a foul mood, and an upset stomach. Oh, the joys of chronic migraines! But once that was over, and once I was over being a baby about it, we decided to get out of the house. Even though it's actually quite pleasant in our little back patio. Our landlord has some nice flowers and ivy out there, and then Mark's uncle Billy came by with some hanging plants. He has a real green thumb. Here's Mark catching some rays:

Of course, once we decided to leave the house, it, it looked all cloudy and not the best weather for going to the beach (our original plan). So instead we decided to pay a visit to a place called Farmleigh. Farmleigh used to be owned by the Guinness family, but is now owned by the Public Works and is nicely enfolded in Phoenix Park, which regular readers will know is a five minute walk from our house.

So we set off on the bikes and headed out. Here's the cool thing, though: Mark's grandfather, Alexander Perkins, was a gardener at Farmleigh for many many years! The green thumb runs in the family! And we'd never been to this place we'd heard so much about, not even Mark! So after hearing all the family tales, I was looking forward to having a look.

When we first rode up to the house on the estate, I had to stop and take pictures of the cows. Cows always remind me of where I grew up in New Hampshire. But I'll spare you the photo because they just look like blobs in the grass. But here is the photo I took of the pretty horses:

We passed by a cute little restaurant, but we didn't stop in. However it looks rather reasonable with sandwiches running a fiver. I might stop in next time! The outdoor seating looked inviting.

Once I'd used the estate's facilities, which I was extremely thankful for, we walked around a little. There are sculptures around the grounds, like this one Mark is pondering:

Then we came upon this cool fancy pants garden aka Dutch-Style Sunken Garden. It was like something from a movie! Do you see the topiary peacocks?

Swans are a particularly Irish motif, and this one is interesting to me because of the expression on the swan's face.

And also the cute little bum bum of the cherub:

Then we walked around the walled garden, which has some of the most beautiful flowers I have honestly ever seen. I took two more photos, and then wouldn't you know? My camera battery died!

So I am really excited to go back again, because Farmleigh is less than a 15 minute bike ride from home, and they have tours. I think I may have found my new favorite spot to go. It's enchanting!

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