Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring is here!

So whatever with you Boston people complaining about your cold and your snow. It's friggin' spring here, and Dublin has had a few really nice days. By spring, I mean, no hat weather, so don't get too excited, it's still jacket weather. But not heavy parka weather. Spring weather! Yesterday I spent a few hours in our back garden, clearing dead growth and rearranging the space to look a little snazzier. Now there's lots of room to grow flowers, some bulbs sprouting, and fiddle heads nearly popping.

On Thursday, my friend Aoife and I took a lovely walk in the Phoenix Park. Despite my many outings to the park, I had never been to the visitor's centre, which has a cute little restaurant. The restaurant was closed, but I will definitely return to sample their fare.
There was also this castle looking building with labyrinthian hedges. The sun was fixing to set, which made our shadows long, so I couldn't resist taking this little photo to commemorate our warm weather walk!

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