Monday, January 12, 2009

Last week really flew by... not really so much in a good way, but it's gone sure enough! I still don't have an Irish cell phone, bank account, PPS number (like a SS#), or internet at home, but we do have Cumin, fake cheese, and a television!!!! Hey, priorities, right? In a few minutes I will try again for the PPS number. After Friday's epic fail, I think I will have everything I need to do it. Then once I have that, I should be able to get all the other things. Once I have all of those, a job should be forthcoming, and then I can join Irish society.

I still feel like I'm walking around a movie set every time I leave the house. I know it's patronizing, but the thicker accents sound fake to me and I find myself wanting to burst out laughing. And things just have such different connotations here. For example, right now in this internet cafe there is a vending machine for a candy called "Minstrels." Uh... that just would not fly back in the States. I mean, remember what happened to the restaurant chain Sambo's? The beer "Galway Hooker" also raised my eyebrow at first (but I have to admit was very tasty).

A little bit worried about the cat. We're still trying to find a readily available diabetic-friendly food that she will eat. Wet foods seem to be generally in gravy or jelly, which are both high in sugar content. Also, while she loves our apartment, her favorite spot seems to be my pillow... whether my head is on it or not. Last night I had to deal with a bad combination of her being pissed off at the food and me taking up the pillow, and her litter box not being to her liking (apparently), so after being beaten, battered, and bitten, I finally kicked her out of the bedroom. Then just as we were leaving the apartment, I went to grab a hoodie from the top of my pile of folded sweaters, only to discover it was soaked in cat pee. So uh... we'll have to deal with that. I can't describe it but if she can't sleep on my pillow, she is like Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Kitty Hyde. Anyways, no one cares about my cat, haha. But it's worrisome to say the least.

Ok, wish me luck with Ireland's beaurocratic red tape department!


  1. Anyways, no one cares about my cat, haha.

    You underestimate me and Anna, milady!

  2. poor Gypsy, where is her heating pad?!

  3. Let me know if you want me to mail you some food for Gypsy --- happy to do it!

    But as long as it's ONLY the cat peeing on your stuff (and ONLY pee), I call that a "win-win."

    Miss you!

  4. You should all be happy to know that Gypsy has stopped peeing on my stuff! Of course I bought a shelving unit to put my clothes in, so they are now off the floor. But I bought some air freshener and sprayed it on her cat litter, thus simulating her fancy Fresh Step litter back home (cat litter is not scented here), and I think she is much happier. Also I finally figured out which flavors of food she prefers, but only two, so I'm sure she will get sick of them soon.

    The heating pad was a total bust here, for two reasons: one, our apartment is really warm so there's little need for it. And two, even with the a/c adapter, it runs hot, even on the low setting. So I get nervous about using it and I think it's too hot for her, even under a couple of towels. So it's in the closet!