Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mark finished his last two papers of the semester, so I joined him on his trip into Maynooth to hand them in. I'd never been to the NUI campus, so I was excited to venture out, despite the weather (but I've learned that everything is pretty much always "despite the weather" here!) The half hour train ride is quite pleasant, and the seats are quite plushy. After we handed in the papers, Mark took me into the old campus, and I took some photos. We went into this one building and snooped around and came upon this beautiful chapel. No one was around, so I snuck some photos. I didn't want to use a flash, so some of them are a bit dark:

The buildings on the old campus are quite old and beautiful -- I'd even say majestic. Here are a couple of other shots I took:

Along with a collage I made of a church:

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