Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This past weekend Mark and I went up to Belfast, Northern Ireland to attend the Warzone Fest and the Belfast Anarchist Book Fair. Belfast is only a two hour drive or so from Dublin, surprisingly.

We didn't see much of Belfast because we arrived past dark on Friday, went to the Warzone show, went to someone's house, slept, woke up and went to the book fair, went almost directly to the Warzone's second show, and then back to the house to sleep. We had to leave early Sunday morning, so no chance for sightseeing! So I have to officially reserve judgment on Belfast for now. But between you and me, I thought the city was kind of an armpit. The nicest part seemed to be where we stayed, but anything off the beaten path seemed like it was boarded up and covered in bad graffiti. I took a couple of photos, but not many considering that I was mostly indoors all weekend.

But the main point is that we had a great time! The bands we saw at Warzone were a lot of fun, and I will say that Belfast has its fair share of really friendly, warm, and welcoming punks. I don't think I could go out in Dublin and talk to that many strangers.

In the book fair, which was held in a kind of small room, with workshops going on in the next room. The dude on the left is maybe the nicest guy ever:

The RAG table, where I sat all day.:

Mark talks to two new friends at the Warzone fest. I think the guy in the middle looks like he could be his cousin or something:

I like the guy in the background to the left. He looks like he's picking his nose.

Damo's band, "Sort It Out":

Our hosts were gracious and generous. But I admit I was happy to sleep in my own bed Sunday night :)


  1. For a split second I thought the guy in the middle WAS Mark.. and I was like Geez, his hair grows FAST. LOL!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend. I'd give Belfast another try if you can, there is a lot to do up there and like you said the people are great!