Monday, September 14, 2009

Yesterday, Mark and I hopped on a 145 bus with our friend Hilary and went to Kilmacanogue to climb the Sugarloaf. It was well over an hour on the bus, which dropped us off at a gas station at the foot of a hill below the Sugarloaf. To get up to where people usually start, we had to walk an hour uphill on this windy road that was lined with nettles and thorns and didn't have much of a breakdown lane, so we had to keep crossing the road at the bends to maximize our visibility. We were yelled at by bikers zooming down the hill! But once we got to the top of the road, where most people drive up to to climb, it was beautiful.
On our way, we passed a few of these little shrines:

Here's a little shack on the road right before we got to the bottom of the Sugarloaf:

Off in the distance, there was the Sugarloaf:

Then, as we approached, there were friendly horses hanging out:

They let people go right up and touch them:

I took this big girl's photo, and then I guess I made the mistake of looking her in the eye too long because suddenly I got a funny feeling, and I said, "I don't like this!" and walked away, but she followed me! Having a horse follow you like a dog is a very bizarre thing! Eventually I was left off the hook.

They were just so beautiful...

It took about twenty minutes to climb to the top, and it was more of a scramble at some points, but the effort was well worth it. Here are our shadows, up at the top:

Of course there's no way to convey the view in its glory, but I still tried:

Click on this image to watch a short video of the view:
From Sugarloaf

And of course, happy feet:

Hanging out on the edge:

And coming down:

We had just enough time to grab a well-deserved pint at the pub next to the gas station, and then we hopped on the bus back to Dublin.


  1. Thanks! The pictures don't do it justice, of course!

  2. Your still looking fit and happy!

    Do those horses have owners or are they just mavericks?
    They kind of remind me of the mangy horses I rode when we used to go horseback riding when we were teenagers!
    The pictures were not perfect but they do capture the majesty of the area.

  3. Thanks! I assume the horses have owners, but to be honest I really don't know! I did notice that they didn't have shoes on, but I think it's better for them to be shoeless on such terrain.