Friday, February 26, 2010

So it's nearly my birthday, so I thought I would make a completely gratuitous post about the presents you can buy for me. Ok, so most of my readers don't actually know me, but hey don't let that stop you! I'm a poor immigrant, after all. I guess I just feel like daydreaming today!

First, this backpack. My chiropractor told me months ago that I needed to ditch my messenger bag, but I'm very picky and the selection here is crap, so I haven't gotten one. After much hemming and hawing, I've chosen this one, but of course it can't be had in all the land:

Secondly, I'd like an acoustic guitar. It'd be cool to have my own guitar here where I live, but actually I think that buying a new/used would actually be cheaper than shipping mine to me. I was thinking it could just be a tiny one, like a kids guitar even, just to strum sometimes.

Thirdly, I'd like a nice wool sweater. Something warm AND stylish. Like this or this or this or this or maybe this...the list is endless, really. Though a button-up cable knit hoodie would be pretty cool.

Fourthly, one of these foam rollers so I can roll out the muscles in my highs so my knees won't hurt so much.

Fifthly, tickets to the Alternative Miss Ireland Pageant, which as it happens, is on my birthday.

Sixthly, tickets to see Swan Lake at the new Grand Canal Theatre.

Seventhly, a food processor.

Eigthly, a slow cooker.

Ninethly, a bread maker.

Tenthly, some nice sensible boots, like these or these.

All this consumer talk has given me a headache. Go figure!


  1. Subtle! If you need company for a trip to Swan Lake, look no further!

  2. That's a fantastic offer, which I would have taken you up on, but since I wrote this post I have booked a last minute trip to the US for a month! So no Swan Lake for me :( If you see it, I hope you let us know how it was!