Saturday, February 6, 2010

A week ago, Mark and I brought Uncle Billy and his friend Brian to see "Faith Healer," a play by Brian Friel, at The Gate Theatre. First we stopped into the Hop House on Parnell Street, which I think used to be the Shakespeare, and got a table next to the fire, which was good because I didn't wear sensible shoes and my feet were ready to fall off. It smelled strongly of food because it's a restaurant/bar, so I wouldn't go in there again for a drink, but if I wanted food and booze, I'd definitely go in again. I liked the atmosphere. Then we walked over to the Gate. Here's what it looks like:

It was our Christmas gift to both of them, and while we were buying the tickets we thought oh what the heck, and bought two for ourselves. Both Mark and Brian thought the crowd at the Gate was too pretentious (Brian called it "a place for poseurs."), but the theater itself is really nice. I didn't want to be snapping photos with so many people around, but I did get one shot of the ceiling. I guess that's a little strange, but I liked the chandelier!

I enjoyed the play well enough, but I think any play that consists entirely of monologues is always challenging for both the actors and the audience. Faith Healer consisted of four monologues from three different actors. And since it wasn't a comedy, it took some concentration. Luckily, the third act was very entertaining -- the guy stole the show, really -- and then the pieces of the puzzle start to come together towards the end, so you understand the vague bits from the beginning that had you wondering what the heck was going on. Still, I think old Uncle Billy may have fallen asleep.

I think we all enjoyed it well enough, but the next time I take a couple of old age pensioners to the theater, I'll probably make sure it's a comedy.

We had plans afterwards to go to a Haiti fundraiser at Seomra Spraoi, but first we stopped into my old favorite, the Welcome Inn for a drink. When I went into the bathroom, I noticed these new signs in the stalls, which made me laugh. Can you imagine this sign in a bar back home? haha. It's kind of horrifying in a first world way.

It says, "Please use water sparingly...If it's yellow keep it mellow; if it's brown flush it down."

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