Sunday, January 9, 2011

Today I was cleaning out the photos on my cell phone. I figured I'd post a few that I never got around to posting before.

First off, what I wouldn't do for some Kraft macaroni and cheese. I mean the kind in the box. This is Ireland's version of mac and cheese. Um, ew!

Sometimes you see things in the store and you wonder, what on earth were they thinking when they named this product? And this is was one of those times.

I've been sick for ages! First I had just a mild cold, and then when that was over, I got hit with what appears to be a sinus infection. Every time I think I've gotten it beat, it's like, "Yo, here's a new shipment of snots for ya!" But as happy as I usually am to hermit myself indoors, yesterday afternoon I decided to take myself out for a walk in the park. It was duskish. I walked over to the back of the Dublin Zoo, where you can get a really good look at the seals. One was hanging out on a slab, sunbathing (cloud bathing?), and another two were playing in the water. I tell ya it's really time I got a new camera. My old one takes such bad photos and is so huge that I barely ever bring it anywhere. But my camera takes even worse photos. Anyhoo that won't prevent me from posting this one of the seals:

As I walked through the park's main drag, I noticed the old fashioned lamps and realized that I have never walked through the park at night. I bet it's pretty cool! Even at dusk it gave a nice view of the lights from south Dublin and the hills. I really, really love living so close to the park...
Yes, those are mountains, not clouds.

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