Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now that it's 100% actually for real happening, I can boast poast about the best thing to happen to me in over two years: (drum roll please).....

I got a job!

Yes, the employment gods decided to smile down on me finally, just when I'd almost given up! And the most exciting part is...(drum roll please).....

It's a job I really really wanted and am incredibly excited for!

I'll be assisting the designer at the The Rediscovery Centre in Ballymun. "The project seeks to raise the profile of recycled, reconstructed and repurposed clothing." They make clothing out of donated items and textiles, put on classes, have their own store, and I'm sure even more that that. I'll find out when I start on Monday!

The job is only 19.5 hours a week, which is absolutely perfect for me, so I can work on my novel and other writing projects in my off time. The position is through FAS's Community Employment scheme, so despite the part time hours, we are still receiving nearly the same amount as we were getting through social welfare (5% less). I also don't mind at all that it's all the way up in Ballymun (4 miles away) because it will be a nice healthy round trip cycle, and on the days that I can't cycle I can do some reading on the bus. I can't take the bus every day though because it would cost 6.50euro per day, round trip. I definitely need to get some good rain pants now though, that's for sure.

So it finally happened. I followed my father's advice to "keep hustlin'" and it paid off. I have a fantastic feeling about this new development in my life. It's what I hoped for when I decided, at age 32, to go back to school for fashion design. And furthermore, the fact that it's a non-profit that is all about reducing textile waste is the cherry on top!


  1. Congratulations, on your job, Angela! I recently found your blog and I really enjoy reading it. I am also from New England (RI) and I lived in Ireland from late 1990 through 1991. It is funny to see some things have not changed!

  2. Thank you for the pats on the back, ladies!

    Monique - I think one of the things I both love and hate about Ireland is that change is very slow. Sometimes you can feel like you're in a time warp. That can be very cool, and it can be very frustrating! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Great news! Sounds like something you'll really enjoy doing!

  4. YEAH. This is fab news. I'm glad you found something fantastic. Also, I WANT TO SEE PICTURES OF YOUR WORK!