Thursday, May 28, 2009

Driving has been so much fun! Now, I have to say that the last time I owned a proper car was really in August of 2005, though I did have a zipcar membership for a year, so I drove about once a week or so. I remember in my teens and twenties, it was difficult to go any lower than 80 miles an hour on the high way -- just "go go go go go." But after not driving for more than six months, and then living n Dublin where the driving is on the left side of the road, it is now really difficult to get up even to the 65 mile-an-hour speed limit! It feels *so* fast! Compared to walking, biking, and even the city bus, 65 miles an hour on the highway is practically the speed of light.

Tonight I went off on my own and made a visit to Target. Oh, Target, how I missed you so! It was glorious. I'm sorry -- I can't help it! I know this makes me "part of the problem," but for 50 US dollars, here's what I got: two sweaters (it might be sweltering here, thus causing things like sweaters to be mere pennies) but when I get back to Ireland, I'll get good use out of those sweaters!), a t-shirt with adorable piping ($3!), a bathing suit (50% off), a can opener, and a day planner. There was of course a lot of other stuff I wanted, but I managed to keep myself in check!

Then I drove back to my Dad's with the window down and the (easy listening) music up, and enjoyed the heat lightening up in the sky.

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