Friday, May 8, 2009

On Monday I went to my first meeting with a group I'm joining called RAG, which stands for "Revolutionary Anarcha-Feminist Group." They put out a magazine once a year, and are also a distro for feminist books and zines. From their blog, they describe themselves as "a diverse group of anarcha-feminist women in Dublin. We are all feminists, united in our recognition that women's subordination exists. We are all anarchists, united in our belief for the need to create alternatives to this capitalistic, patriarchal society wherein all are dominated and exploited." You're probably thinking to yourself, "And I thought that 'Anarchist' political party status on your Facebook was a joke!"

Back in my 20s I was a bit more politically active, working in a clinic and belonging to feminist student organizations in college. But then after I graduated I became a bit lax and sort of lazy. Over the past few years I've talked about picking it up, but overall I haven't done much for nearly a decade. However moving to Ireland, where there is no legal abortion and no gay marriage, I feel like my voice is needed.

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