Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things I have been informed by my husband that I have been saying incorrectly:

Tolka. I say it like TOLL-ka, or like you would pronounce the word "folk." Well apparently it's TULL-ka. The TALL-ka River. TALL-ka Park. TALL-ka Park Stadium.

Croke Park. How would YOU say that? I say it like it looks, as in the word "croke" aka about to kick the bucket. Well, this pronunciation is in a k-hole. You DON'T PRONOUNCE THE K. It's like Crow. Crow Park.

D'Olier Street. This is clearly a french word, right? And since I took 8 years of french, I thought this was an easy one. Obviously, if we were in France, you'd say it like DOH-lee-AY. But I figured since we're in Ireland, I say it like DOH-lee-ER. Mark just flat out guffawed at me when I said it this way. And in fact the pronunciation that Dubliners have given this word is so messed up that I can't remember it and therefore can't even share at the moment. I just keep saying it my way.

Irish as a language is almost unpronounceable for an outsider without being instructed, but these aren't even complicated Irish words! It just goes to show you never know when you're going to fall into a foreigner's trap!


  1. I'll truly never forget the day I learned the proper way to pronounce Dun Laoghaire.

  2. Ha ha ha! For me it was the opposite. For years I heard about "Don Leary, Don Leary..." and when I ever saw the actual *word* I was like who what huh?

  3. Oooh, there are so many things to say wrong. Even as an Irish person I get confused. Try saying 'Croker' for the stadium which apparently is how the GAA heads say it! But the main thing to remember is that no matter how you pronounce something there will always be someone waiting to tell you it's wrong!! Great, isn't it?