Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year! Actually I'm not much of a New Year's fan. Something always happens to screw up my night, no matter what. So I generally just don't even put any effort into having a good time. That sounds lame, doesn't it? But I guess my answer to the pressure of having some kind of monumental time is to say screw it, and give up.

We are still trying to get our place in order. We have one room nearly full of CRAP that the previous tenant left that needs to get picked up by the landlord. Until that happens, we can't set up our desks, and the rest of the house will be a tad squished. But that's ok because there is still so much cleaning that needs to happen, it's nuts. Every day brings some kind of new disgusting surprise. It's like the guy never cleaned once the whole time he lived here. Yesterday I spent a billion hours prepping the shower and then re-sealing it. I need to re-grout it, but at least now the tiles aren't coming off the wall! Today I scrubbed the kitchen walls, which was no small feat, and then I finished replacing the bathroom towel holder, tootbrush holder, and soap dish because the old ones were wooden and moldy/discolored. I don't understand wooden bathroom accessories. We've washed all the curtains, even though hopefully I'll make new ones eventually. And we started prepping the walls for painting, but we need a ladder before we actually paint. It's going to be a pain in the butt to do, but when it's done this place will look 80% better.

Yes, that's my exciting life right now. I want to post about Ireland's blasphemy law, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow to do that!

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  1. How nice that your landlord is picking up the crap.
    We've been storing someone elses crap for 4 years now.

    And we still find random, icky things tucked away in places.

    Must be an Irish thing.