Friday, January 29, 2010

We live about a four minute walk from Phoenix Park, which I've mentioned before after previous visits there. So the other day the weather was tolerable, and I felt like getting out, so I took an afternoon bike ride. Let me reiterate how gigantic this park is. It's huge! It's so big, there's a Zoo inside it! I stopped and took photos along the way.

Near the entrance closest to my house. I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing palm trees here:

Statue of Sean Heuston. Check out those massive fingers!

Obligatory park swans:

The monument as the sun was setting:

Even though it's a park, much of the land just looks like open fields you'd see in the country, like this:

But there are some cute little buildings, like this one:

I tried to take a self-portrait, but I forgot that the zoom was on, so it just ended up being my giant head. I thought it was funny, so I'm posting it:

I've also since been jogging in the Park, and I'm just really pleased to be so close to it. I know we weren't so far from the Botanic Gardens before, but it was just far enough away that we didn't go very much, and it was often crowded enough that I wouldn't see myself running in it. So I feel like we'll get more use out of Phoenix Park in our new house. It's going to be even better come spring!

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