Thursday, April 9, 2009

So I guess I touched a nerve with my last post about farting. It was re-posted to an Irish messageboard, with pretty hilarious results -- mostly people bragging about their farting exploits and talking about how happy they are that they aren't American. To each his own. Please note, Irish readers, that I never said that Americans don't fart! Anyways, it is funny how serious people can get over such a lighthearted subject, and it did make me a little sad to be called names and denigrated over a simple observation, one that you could actually put a positive spin on, but c'est la vie.

Farting: It's what people are talking about.

Beats the new budget, doesn't it?


  1. Rather than being upset about what was said why don't you sign up to the forum and contribute to the discussion?

  2. What's that phrase? The Irish doth protest too much, methinks...

    Who would have imagined lil' ol' you would start such a pissing match over farting.


  3. Dear Anonymous,

    "A little sad" is not upset, and when I say "a little sad," I say it tongue in cheek (don't forget that this blog was created for friends and family who know my voice) so no, I would never get upset over anything that any strangers said about me on a messageboard, anywhere, ever, as I am a messageboard veteran. And as such, I already had a account and did post to the thread. But honestly I'm not here to debate the matter, and am just having a bit of fun. Of course no one can make these kinds of generalizations with any seriousness can they? It's farting, for chrissakes! FARTING!

  4. My apologies if I came across the wrong way, I wasn't trying to be smart merely to suggest you get into the thick of things! It was an 'interesting' thread and would have benefitted from the posts of the person who inspired the thead in the first place. :)

  5. Ahh my apologies, I've just gone back, read the new posts and see you contributed. OK there were some hecklers but emmm I think you were mostly ignored as they were too busy talking about the joys of farting. Waddya know.

  6. haha - yeah that's how it goes. I really don't want to make a big splash though. I think it's a combination of all factors mentioned -- a little HV/AC (aka Air Con), a little of the "let it loose" attitude here, and a little of the slightly more uptight nature of people where I am from (the Northeast part of the US). What I loved about the thread is the variety of responses and checks and balances therein. Even being told that the guy's American friends think I'm a "Dumb bitch" made me laugh because of its defensiveness and its lack of proportion.

    Back in the States, I was a teacher, and I would never let my students get away with essentialist statements like the ones in my blog post. And this is why! It's a funny example of why you can't sum up an entire people with any one trait, even if that trait is as harmless as that they love to fart.

    Still, it's fun to goad people on in a messageboard just to see what happens ;)