Saturday, April 25, 2009

To celebrate the completion of Paper One of Three for Mark's second semester of school, we went into town for some middle-eastern food and a couple drinks. We went to this little place on Parliament Street we'd been to a couple of times before, but we realized sort of quickly that the other times we went we were kind of maybe not-so-sober, and so our recollection of the food was, let's just say, not quite accurate. But it wasn't terrible.

Then, craving some decent draught beer, but not wanting to go anywhere particularly crowded or far away because we were on foot and it was raining, we decided to go to The Bull and Castle, which really feels like kind of a tourist trap in a way, because of its location and the way it's decorated, but they have a bunch of really good beer, so our need for quality drinking won out. BUT, as it turned out, it was quite pleasant in there! It wasn't too crowded, and the people in there seemed rather laid back -- our only complaint was that the music was a hair too loud, which made talking a little more challenging. It kind of reminded me of how the music in Bukowskis is always too loud. After we had our fill, we of course dropped into Spars (the local equivalent of Store-24) and bought snacks, but somehow decided that it was a good idea to buy a small pizza at Apache (a crappy pizza chain) too! But you know what, it wasn't so bad. We then went home so we could stuff our faces with it all and watch late night TV.

Today there's a big game next door at Tolka Stadium. I might get new batteries for my camera and try to take some photos!

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  1. Yeah, late-night pizza face-stuffing has always been one of my faves. - Ariel