Monday, August 24, 2009

The great thing about the Botanic Gardens is that everything there is constantly changing, so it's really best to go often. I love the fact that it's so near our house, because otherwise I might be too lazy to go. We went on Saturday and although there were a ton of people there, it was still a fantastic day to walk around. Novel sunshine!!

There's a sunflower maze for the kids. That didn't stop us from trying it out...

They have a walled-off section that includes all plants that yield something edible. It's great to walk around and identify the fruit/vegetable/herb. This was also a favorite with the kids. But it was difficult not to reach out and grab some goodies and eat them!


The biggest sunflower I've ever seen, though you can't tell from the photo:

Lily pads:

Relaxing. The couple in the background were making out hardcore!


I wrote before about the aggressive squirrels at the Gardens. And this little dude was no exception! He didn't get anything from us though!

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