Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today we ventured out to Wicklow to hike at Glendalough. Luckily our friends Damo and Marianne have a car, and were kind and gracious enough to invite us along. It was about an hour's drive there, and then we hiked for about four hours. I am realizing kind of how crap my camera is, because none of my photos do the landscape justice.

On the way there, the sheep took to the road, and I took a photo from the car:

A waterfall at the start of the hike:

Damo and Marianne walking along:


Are there Hobbits in there?

There were these wooden planks along the trail that came in handy, and were quite impressive:

All around were spectacular views:

Mark coming down the hill:

And all around, also the greenest, mossiest woods ever:

And finally, a view from the lake:

Now we're home watching the famous Rose of Tralee pageant, which is like Ireland's answer to the Miss America pageant, except that anyone of Irish descent can enter. It's also much, much more down to earth than Miss America, so I hate to make the comparison, actually. Still, I have mixed feelings about any kind of female pageant like this. I'm gonna watch it anyways though!

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  1. oh sooo pretty! i'm catching up on the blog!

    it's anna...