Sunday, August 23, 2009

The other day we decided to check out the Dublin Writers Museum (note: if you go to that link, there's a voucher for buy one, get one free through Sept 2009). Overall it was um...not so great. We did the audio tour, which made it a little less boring. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that so many of the displays had massive amounts of text on them! It's a writers museum after all! But I was pretty put out at how few women were featured extensively in the museum. I realize that the bulk of canonized Irish writers are indeed male, but jeez even the women who were mentioned were completely GLOSSED OVER. I guess they figure no one's interested. I took a couple of snapshots in there, anyways.

The entrance:

Jonathan Swift, the great writer of "A Modest Proposal"

Stained Glass Window:

The upstairs room:

Bust of Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill:

Then, having nothing else in particular going on for the day, we walked down to the Docklands to check out what's new down there. We came across this boat that I'm too lazy to look up:

I don't remember what this is, but I liked the way it looked (and sounded):

Here's a view of the walkway along the River Liffey. You can see the new bridge in the background, which is unfinished, but cool looking.

This big, weird circus-looking thing is apparently covering up some kind of Bord Gais (the gas company) apparatus:

In this view of the Grand Canal Docks sign, you can see Sugarloaf in the background:

Another view of the river:

The Sun came out:

We came across this boat that was a perfect shade of red. I don't think it's been used for a while though!

The city in the distance...

Then we walked home through this not-so-great neighborhood called East Wall. There wasn't much to photograph except this cool stencil on a broken up window:

And finally, in Fairview we noticed this statue that had been painted all along the front of the face, and graffiti painted on the base. The writing is all in Irish, so I'm not sure who it is:

We relaxed at home for a bit and then headed out for our Townie Bar tour of Dublin. But I'll write about that next time!


  1. the ship is a replica of the shipwrecked jeanie johnston

    the sluice gates are the start of the royal canal

  2. The statue is Sean Russell. He was a Nazi supporter during WWII and a leader of the IRA. Apparently, this isn't the first time his statue has been vandalized.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up for me! I kept meaning to look it up but didn't get a chance. No wonder it gets vandalized!