Thursday, March 26, 2009

And because I am so swift...

Today I decided to go back to earnestly looking for a job, since American Apparel sent me the official rejection email this morning. I was actually happy about it because I've heard so many horrible, horrible things about that company it's not even funny. And a friend of mine was just let go from one of their stores, so I'm not feeling so hot about them anyways. Also, their stuff is way overpriced. If I worked there I don't know what I'd wear because I have actively boycotted their clothing almost since the beginning.

But it was a job, and I would have taken it.

So miraculously my phone rings just now. My phone never rings. That's why I barely know how to use it. So I press a button, think it's the wrong one, say, "Shit," then press another button, and the call is lost. I then realize that I have answered the phone, said, "Shit," and sent the call to voicemail. And Guess who? A person about a job I've just applied for. She leaves a voicemail (praise god, as the Irish would say). I call back and I'm all, "Sorry I *just* missed your call," and she says, "Yes, I think you had some technical difficulties there." Ahem. Yes. Yes I did. How mortifying.

Anyways I have an interview for tomorrow afternoon. I wish I had a nice interview suit, but I don't. I'll have to pull something together. Wish me luck!


  1. I can totally picture that - LOL!! Good luck...

  2. Good luck! Good luck! i just moved here and finding a job is very daunting.

  3. Upload up to three photos to show us your personal style and how you present yourself.
    -New recruitment approach
    I am excited to see American Apparel in Dublin.