Sunday, March 1, 2009

I made another journey up Fairview way, but all the way up to Clontarf. We continued past St. Anne's park, on to Dollymount aka Bull Island, where there's a little beach. Halfway through the way back the wind kicked up it started to rain, but all in all it was a lovely excursion! And if you were to head out and bike non-stop, it would probably only take thirty minutes to get out there. I really want to check out St. Anne's park. From what I could see, it looks gorgeous. And as usual, here are some shots from my outing:

The now defunct Clontarf Baths:

A place for shelter along the way:


The view from the beach:

Some rocks:


  1. angela, i am loving all the pictures!!

  2. thanks, bonnie! your pictures inspire me, though of course I don't have an ounce of your talent for photography. your compliment means a lot! :)