Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lastnight we were going to stay in for the evening, but then we decided to check out the "Bar @ Tolka Stadium" right near us that seemed to be open to the public. At first we assumed it was a private club, but then signs seemed to indicate that anyone could go in. So we thought, what that heck.

When we walked in, there was a tiny bar to the left, and the proprietor was sitting alone at a table, reading the paper. I think he was surprised to see us. We each ordered a (very reasonably priced) pint, and had a very nice chat with the barman. He just took on the place about a week and a half ago, and cleaned it up, opened it, and is hoping to turn it around and get people in there within the next six to eight weeks. It was certainly a lot more comfortable to me than a lot of bars. And the guy was nice to talk to. A really good guy. We will definitely go back there. So - if you're near Tolka Park Stadium and it's open, definitely stop in for a pint!

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