Thursday, March 26, 2009

So in my continued efforts to get out, do interesting things, see more of the city, and meet people, I was searching Facebook for Dublin-related groups that would give me event listings and updates of things happening around town. I simply searched "Dublin." And then somewhere around page 23, after I thought I had seen just about every Dublin-related Facebook group three times, I came across a group called "Boycott Dublin." And here's their userpicture:

Just because we live in Israel or Palestine doesn't mean that we are willing to accept racism as a part of life. The way that the staff and management at Dublin Pub in Jerusalem chose to treat our friends because of their race was unacceptable, and we want to make sure that people know that."

So, despite a call to "BOYCOTT DUBLIN," it's about a beef with a bar called Dublin Pub that's in Jerusalem, and has nothing to do with the city of Dublin. But it's a sad story about a conflict and mistreatment, and a bar owner trying to make amends.

A Dubliner came along to the group and had this to say, "First of all, can something be done about the title of this site. It really does suggest that this is about the City of Dublin rather than about a Pub of the same name. I come from Dublin City and when I came across this site it really freaked me out. I decided to join this group as I believe that Saleem and the guys were badly treated. But now I read Esther's entry and it poses a question. Jason, Saleem... have you tried to talk to the manager of this Pub? If he has asked you to be willing to forgive this incident then the balls in your court. I know you have been insulted and discriminated against. And that hurts- I know. But I also believe that nursing your grief is unhealthy. In my own Country thousands of people died because of lack of forgiveness. It takes a big man to take a step like this and Saleem I believe your that big man!! I pray you will find forgiveness in that big heart of yours!"

Poignant, isn't it?

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