Friday, March 27, 2009

Yesterday Mark said to me, "You know, sometimes, you aren't all there." And while that *really* is the pot calling the kettle black, I have to admit that yes, I am one of those creative types who can get bogged down with certain details only to let other details...slip. Also, I have a crap memory at times, I will admit it. And I can be flighty. And clumsy. Sue me! (Well, actually, please don't sue me.) And if I'm in a rush or if my blood sugar is low, you can kinda forget it -- I have a 70% chance of doing something wackadoo.

So I had this interview today at 2:30pm with a recruiter who had me in mind for a position. But there was a job listing for a Library Assistant for the college that is literally at the end of our street that I saw yesterday afternoon and the closing date was today at noon. They wouldn't accept applications via email, so my only hope was to hand deliver it. When I woke up, I opened the Application Form that I had downloaded, and it was all kinds of bug. They wanted to know what high school I went to, and other various information that seemed a bit perplexing. But I attached my CV and a nice cover letter, put it in an envelope with the name of the HR manager on it, and walked it over to the college at a few minutes to 12. On the way I prayed to everyone in my life that I feel is looking over me (I don't believe in God, but I pray to the dead. It doesn't make sense but there you have it).

On the way back, I stopped at the bakery for a loaf of bread, and was headed home to prepare for my interview, feeling rather satisfied with myself, until I realized suddenly that I forgot to sign and date the stupid application form. There was no time to go back, so the best I can really hope for is that it won't matter. But with my luck, they'll be like, "Attention to details, eh?? The bimbo forgot to sign the application!" and then throw it in the circular file.

I arrived to my interview on time (thank to a taxi ride - whoops), and the woman interviewing me was extremely nice, and kindly informed me that on my CV I should note that I have a spousal visa and do not need sponsorship. I thought that saying I had a PPS number was enough but apparently anyone can get one of them! So this may explain why in 3 months of applying for jobs I haven't received one call-back for work. MAJOR BUM OUT! But glad to know now, I guess.

So we talk and she asks me what my typing speed is. Well, when I type words from my head, it's *very* fast. According to my last internet typing test, it was like 95 wpm. So that's what I said. She asked if I minded taking a typing test, and I said not at all. She set up the test, told me what I needed to do, and said she was late for a meeting but that when I was finished, I was free to go. But of course when I sat down and started doing the practice test, it's like I choked! I was typing all slow suddenly, and much more deliberately. And you know how it is typing on a foreign keyboard. I realized how hungry I was, and dehydrated. I started stressing out and feeling lightheaded! So I took some deep breaths and got the swing of it, and when it was time to do the actual test, I started to feel a bit better. I thought, I'll just scootch my chair up a bit closer to the keyboard, and then as I scootched, my chair hit something and pew! The computer just shut down. It felt like a horrible nightmare. I looked down at the floor. The tiny leg of my chair managed to bump the tiny button of the computer and had shut it off. There I was in an empty room, the computer was shut down, and I had just seen that only a password would turn it back on again, so I was pretty much screwed.

I headed sheepishly back out to the reception desk and explained what had happened. Then I had to wait for the receptionist to get the woman who interviewed me to come back and re-set up the machine. She was, as always, very kind and said that I wasn't the first person it had happened to. Then she was off again. I sat down once more and did the shittiest typing job ever, and left, feeling like I've simply lost my interviewing mojo.

On my way home I did a little shopping and bought some vegetarian treats for us (soy custard, veggie sausage, fake cheese), some new pillows, and a bath mat. Then I piled myself on the bus and settled in because we hit some serious traffic. I was feeling a little sorry for myself, wondering if I had blown both of my chances for employment of the day, when I looked up and saw a proper rainbow out of the bus window. I took my camera out and snapped a photo:

I know that, with all the rain that happens here, rainbows are a common occurrence. I mean, where do you think the whole leprechaun/gold at the end of the rainbow thing came from? But the narcissist in me felt just then that the rainbow was a special message from all the people I'd prayed to earlier in the day, telling me not to give up and that things will be ok.

I stopped by the grocery store and bought some Vodka and Pomegranate juice, and helped an old lady with her groceries, which always feels good, doesn't it? Then Mark came home with his grade results -- he has received As on all of the papers he wrote last semester, with many positive comments from his professors. I admit to getting a little teary eyed when I thought of it, and of the hard times we've had. Mark's going back to school for something he feels passionately about is truly a blessing in both of our lives. So - everything balances out, if you look for the positive and remain persistent in your pursuit of the things you want in life. Like my dad says, I just gotta keep hustling!


  1. Mark; Congratulations on the "great marks"(There has to be a pun in there someplace)in all your classes. I guess hard work and attention to responsibilities really does "payoff".

    If you prefer a more subtle approach "Good Show"!!

  2. thanks. they remain the same pieces of work that i was unsatisfied with before the good grades, so it is nice, but they could have been a lot better