Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not a whole lot to report this week! It's been rather quiet, with Mark back in school after his spring break, and I'm home trying to work on my various "stuff." It's been incredibly windy all week long -- downright blustery. But today the sun is out at least.

Last night we had a good laugh while watching Television. An advertisement came on for an Irish plus sized women's clothing store called, swear to god, Oxendales. Like, seriously? Oxendales? What a message that sends out to the larger women of the world: "You're big as Oxen! But it's ok, shop here!"

Speaking of television, I haven't talked about what we have been watching on TV. Sex in the City does play every single night, so if nothing else is on, admit that I will flip over to it as a default. But the US television shows like Heroes and the TLC cleaning shows that I used to really love aren't on the channels we have now, though they do play in Ireland on fancy cable channels. The shows I'm really enjoying are:

Heston's Feasts. Heston Blumenthal is this British chef that has a very pricey restaurant in England that serves all kinds of wackadoo stuff. And for his show he puts together these meals that aim to recreate the culinary experiences of places and times past. Then he serves the food to a dinner party and films their reactions. It's very interesting and entertaining. You can watch an episode HERE.

I saw the English comedian Russell Brand host the MTV music awards and I thought he was utter crap, so I had pretty much ignored him from then on. Also, his hair really bothers me. But he has a TV Show called Ponderland and one night I happened to give it a chance and I found myself laughing hysterically, and then I was sold. I'm not sure if he does his own writing for the show or what, but it's very funny. It's sort of like America's Funniest Home Videos meets Mystery Science Theater 3000 meets SNL News. He plays clips from random old documentaries and makes fun of them, basically. While it sounds like shooting fish in a barrel, I don't know, it's just funny! He's very intellectual, I think, as it turns out.

Some people back home are also watching the show Skins, a teen drama that I got hooked on thinking it was a comedy. The acting is better than most teen ensemble shows, and the writing is not bad either. It's not exactly uplifting, but if you need a little jolt of catharsis, it's a good one to watch.

The other show that was on for a while that was entertaining to watch was called The Convention Crasher. This comedian, Justin Lee Collins, preps and trains for a few weeks before going to different conventions in an attempt to fit in and win the competitions there.

I'm about 3/4 done with this silk dress. I'm going to attempt to finish it up today and then head over for a visit with my mother in-law. I hope I don't fall over getting there in this wind!

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