Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm still trying to get used to the differences in how people use texting in Ireland. Now, my friends and I back home texted each other a fair amount, don't get me wrong. But there seems to be a subtle difference in how. For instance, I had been in correspondence with someone through myspace before Mark and I got to Ireland. When Mark arrived, they hung out a couple of times. Right before I came, I messaged him and said that I was arriving soon and we should hang out. And he said that I should text him when I got here. That sounds simple enough. But I couldn't think of what to text! Like, uhhh, "Hi. I'm here." I guess it's stupid to hem and haw over. I could have just said, "In Dublin. Let's get a pint!" But I just thought it over so much that I put it off and never sent the guy a text for fear of texting something lame. Then of course I sent him a myspace message a couple of days ago, like errr... sorry I never texted you. So in the end I looked even more ridiculous than if I had just texted him and it wasn't quite the right thing.

A couple of times I've made plans with people for a time and place and they've said to text them in addition to meeting them. Like, let's meet, but first, let's check in with a text. And on those occasions I have been truly baffled at what to say. So I've just texted in with my location and ETA. I have no idea if this is correct, but I'm feeling my way.

I think that texting may be cheaper than phoning? So that may be why people don't just phone each other up. But you often see people texting away, much more so than back home, where it is regular indeed. So you can imagine! Since I can barely figure out my phone, I don't know if I'll ever fully acclimate to this way of life ;)


  1. Only because the Iphone is very nearly "idiot-proof" do I know how to "text" I' m addicted.
    Love reading about your adventures....

  2. Thanks! But you owe me a story of your own about your surprise sibling!

  3. I noticed this a few years ago from afar when the BBC (radio) started inviting listeners to contact them via "SMS."

  4. I never thot I would hear that you didn't know what to say! I figured you to be proficient in all modes of communications, especially, on the phone. Maybe, having to dealth with so many other irish foibles, you will have to settle for on normal communications!