Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yesterday I wanted to get out, but Mark needed to read for school, so I hatched a plan for us to go to the Botanic Gardens, where we could both accomplish our respective tasks. It took a little while to find a good indoor reading spot, because it was just a hair too chilly to be sitting still outdoors for any length of time, but once we found it, being inside the greenhouse with a book was a very pleasant way to spend an hour. Also, Mark was extremely annoyed by the squirrels that kept climbing up on our laps in search of food. I thought it was kind of funny but he was *not* amused. Once we found sanctuary from the scary beasts, it was much better. Ha ha. But since the Botanic Gardens are only about a mile from our house, I think it might be a frequent hangout for us from now on. Here are some photos (sorry if some of them are a little boring):

I took this photo of my bike locked to the "Car Park" sign because I was amused by its irony. I was not amused, however, upon returning to my bike to find that someone had stolen the front light that was taped to my helmet. Especially since the light mount is literally in the mail to me from my former roommate. Without the mount, the only thing a person can do with it is a)tape it to a bike or helmet (and get it stolen, apparently) or b)use it as a flashlight. so uh...enjoy your 35 dollar flashlight mr. or ms. thief. I now have to buy a new light with money I do not have, which is annoying. But that's what I get for trusting mankind, right? Anyways, here's the photo:

A Greenhouse, locked up and in disrepair:


A mysterious cage in a pond:

Scavenging beast:

Self-portrait. I didn't mean to look so serious but the wind was in my face:

The camera lens became foggy from coming inside. The effect was cool I thought:

Mark's reading nook:

Warning signs!!!!:

A pretty flower:

Finally, a collage I made from photos I took of a big tree:

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