Monday, March 30, 2009 I've been known to eat myself a Pot Noodle now and again. And for my fellow Americans, no, that is not a drug reference, it's a type of instant noodle that's almost exactly like the Ramen Cup o' Noodle. So today, I scarfed one down (curry flavor, of course), and not surprisingly my stomach immediately reacted unfavorably. If it could speak, I'm pretty sure it would have said, "Bitch, no." That got me wondering about the Pot Noodle, so I looked up their website. And man, this website is weirding me out.


I think perhaps most disturbing promotional game you can play called "Food Fight:"

"So you think you’re hotter than a Bombay Bad Boy? Well, now you can prove it by taking on our very own Pot Noodle super-dwarfs in the Pot Noodle Food Fight. We’ll arm you with a pugil stick to try and knock the super-dwarf off the podium, but your pecs will provide the real power."

Yes, that's right. Super-dwarfs. I really would like to have been in this brainstorming session at the marketing company that came up with this campaign. "Well, we need something interactive to get people really involved with the site, you know, something to get them excited about the Pot Noodle brand. What gets people really, really excited to eat Noodles? Of course! Nothing makes people more ravenous for noodles than fighting dwarfs! Who doesn't love to fight dwarfs? Brilliant!"

Originally I thought this was an online game. But no. This is something live that happens in person. The Pot Noodle promotional team actually goes to events with their Super-Dwarfs to promote their products. Here are some photos from the site, in case you are too (justifiably) horrified to click on it yourself:
The Super-Dwarfs

At the Southend Airshow

At "Street Life"

But maybe even more baffling, if you can imagine, is this "funny" video about a guy who eats too many Pot Noodles and turns into a half man-half sheep. Um...what do noodles have to do with sheep? You tell me.

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  1. Well at least you know what was happening in your stomach... dwarf battle.