Monday, March 2, 2009

And now for the weather...

It's getting warmer here! Just enough so that going out is more enjoyable. But even more importantly, it's raining less, and that makes all the difference. It still rains almost every day, but the rain is lighter, and it's for shorter periods, and like now, it's a sun shower, so you don't feel this hum drum dark day ugh it's raining again feeling. But I'm still thankful that I made the extra effort to buy three (yes, three) different types of waterproof jackets before I came. And in fact, I wish I had a fourth. First, there was the winter parka for freezing weather. When I got here it was quite cold and we even had a bit of snow, so I was happy I had my most loved and favorite/cherished/maybe too revered for a winter jacket Orage parka. Then now that it's too warm for that, I have a breathable waterproof jacket I picked up from REI that is just a bit thicker than a windbreaker. It's great for layering. The hood comes off in such a way that you can't even tell it had a hood. It's lovely. Then I got an ultra light, packable windbreaker style hooded rain jacket, also from REI, that I can keep in my bag during the summer. I think these should cover all of my bases except for dressier days. I did realize that when I'm wearing a dress, none of my waterproof jacket options look very nice. But you can't have everything can you?

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